Excellent diagnosis, followed by best angiography and angioplasty leading to quick recovery with no post-operational problems. Very good post-operational care and consultancy.

Viral Desai


Visited on 12.08.2020 with prior appointment.
Very neat and clean environment
Very good response from the doctor
Staff is co-operative and helpful
Overall the first experience is very impressive and suggestable.
Thanks a lot



The Best Cardiologist I have met ever in my life... As a person, he is gem & marvellous man I known in a medical fraternity... Thank you so much, Sir

DrHarshal Raut


I finally agreed to meet Dr. Rahul Gupta and visit Cardium after postponing my visit for almost a month as i was scared of venturing into doctor's clinic/cabin thanks to ongoing pandemic. At the entrance itself my worries were put to an ease when i saw the brilliant seating/waiting arrangement in the verandah with social distancing norms maintained and all hygiene precautions being taken. Friendly staff (I could see their warm smile even thru the mask and in their eyes) took me in and took all vital stats and other thgs (Weight, BP etc) needed for pre checkup. All precautions were well taken care of.
I also did my eco and ecg which was done by Dr. Pooja taking utmost precautions and care. (including fresh gowns, disposable sheets etc. )
Once I met Dr. Raul, he gave me such detailed and clear explanation and perspective of my issues.. not forcing me into taking unnecessary tests or medications. Can't thank Cardium and Dr. Rahul enough in helping me with my health issues.
Good luck to Cardium and team...

Kavita Jain


My father had a critical heart condition but with the help of Dr Rahul gupta he is doing very good now. we are very thankful to him. Dr Rahul gupta and his staff took care of all the details and was always available to answer questions and help in any way . He is a good , excellent and a kind cardiologist. I would highly recommend him.

Hetal Menat


My name is Neelesh Kankane. I am an IT professional and running my own cloud services company.
I was feeling little bit uncomfortable from last one week. I checked my BP at home and it was in the higher side.
I approached Dr. Rahul Gupta who is the leading cardiologist in Navi Mumbai. I was knowinh him as I was following his articles regularly in the news paper.
I had a great experience at his Cardium Advanced Heart Clinic at Vashi. He has done a very thorough checkup of mine which includes echo, ecg and TMT. He has got an excellent infrastructure and his staff is also good and very friendly. He started the medicines and guided me properly on the instructions which I need to follow and asked me to do certain changes in my lifestyle and food habit.
I am fine now. My sincere thanks to Dr Rahul Gupta, Dr. Pooja Gupta and team for the excellent checkup during my visit to their clinic.
I strongly recommend Dr Rahul Gupta in case of any heart related issues. He is the best cardiologist, I have ever met.

Neelesh Kankane


He is the best cardiologist.His diagnosis is on point.I am sure even if you have been prescribed by some surgery etc,he can treat you with medicines and a stark improvement will show in your health.I trusted in his treatment and with gods grace here I am all okay thanks to him.He gives you time and hears you out.I had recommended him to a few more of my friends and they have also had similar experience.I would definitely give him 10/10.. Also a Big Thanks!!! For saving my Life... Stay Blessed

Rishi Bhattacharya


He is like god to us.My husband had lost all hope and had even shown in US.He was advised for a pace maker.But since he is very young we did not want that.Dr.Rahul Gupta only by sheer medication treated my husband.He is the best cardiologist.God bless him.

Gitanjali Mukherji


Hats off to Dr. Rahul Gupta, to start with I am not a fan of doctors or Hospitals. My mother has cardiac problem since year 2004 which is when she had a first cardiac arrest. We have had doctors tell us that it is impossible to fix her with an angio plasty due to her narrow veins. Yesterday Dr. Gupta and his team at Apollo hospital performed her surgery and I tell you, my mother who has never agreed to undergo any surgeries has undergone a 4 stent angio plasty done by Rahul Gupta and today when I saw her, she was fit and fine and had no complaints. If you are looking for a professional and do not want to waste your time barking at wrong trees then please do see him, Dr. Gupta has ended her sufferings of 16 even years. Thank you Sir.

Gary Chandan


Dr Rahul Gupta is the best cardiologist in Navi Mumbai.
He listens very patiently to all our health problems and give us the best treatment. He is a wonderful human being and takes good care of the patients. The Asst. Doctors are also very good. The staff is well trained and very co-operative. Dr. Gupta is a God Given gift to patients those who are suffering from Heart problems. We consider ourselves very lucky that we met such an amazing Dr. and that too very close to our residence at walkable distance. I was suffering from Palpitation and BP. I have consulted a cardiologist in a well known hospital at Thane and there was no improvement. I happened to read one of Dr Rahul Gupta's article in The Times of India regarding heart problem. My family Doctor has also recomended his name. I have visited Cardium clinic and consulted Dr Rahul Gupta 1 and half years ago and within no time my BP and palpitation was under control with less medication. Thereafter I have been consulting him once in six months only. I am now completely ok and fine. Many many thanks to Dr. Gupta.

Vijay Mk



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