Can you imagine our blood pressure being monitored as we move around and perform our daily chores?

ABPM does it for us. As mentioned it stands for Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring. It is a small diagnostic blood pressure monitor attached to a belt around the waist of the patient connected to the upper arm through the cuff. It is a small device and light weighted and measures the pressure for all day long, during night time as well. It is used by the doctor to get a clear idea for Blood Pressure regulation during normal routine intervals. The device is non-invasive and comfortable thus preventing white coat by keeping the patient calm and non-anxious about being tested.

Procedures for the ABPM Test :

The test may vary from one clinic to others. However, at Cardium, the machine usually works in the following manner:

  • During daytime at regular intervals around every 15 to 30 minutes, recordings are noted in the machine
  • And during night reading is recorded after every 30 to 60 minutes thus helping the doctors to get information about the blood pressure during night time as well.

Reasons for preforming the ABPM test :

We recommend ABPM test at Cardium for the following reasons:

  • Detecting high bold pressure or hypertension in patients.
  • Evaluate reasons for fluctuating blood pressure
  • Change of medication and the working of the same.

Instructions to be followed by the patient :

some ground rules for the patients undergoing the test are as follows:

  • Lead your normal routine but avoid vigorous exercise and driving at the time of measurement.
  • To wear loose-fitting clothes with short sleeves and a belt for attaching the machine to
  • And keeping the monitor turned on or off as per doctor’s requirements.

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