To begin with we need to understand what ECG is. It stands for electrocardiography and is an electrical activity to detect abnormal heart rhythm and blocked arteries if any. Holter test is a type of ECG recording for patients with frequent occurrence of losing consciousness, palpitation and dizziness.

Often the condition such as fatigue and fainting stays for one to two minutes or for a maximum of five to six minutes and the patient recovers from them before reaching the doctor. This is where a Holter device comes to use.

Seven-Day ECG Holter

About the machine : The doctor sticks a small machine in the patient’s body which weighs approximately 50 to 70 grams. This machine has an imputed computer chip which records the ECG continuously. The Holter machine is an automatic device thus requires no external controls from the patient.

Why 7 day and not 24 hours : It is usually taken off after 24-hours and is analysed in a computer to evaluate the reason for disorders of the heart and every other problem. However, at times, some patient does not suffer regularly thus a 24 hours test may not show correct results. In cases like this, a 7 Day ECG Holter test is used where the patient has to keep on wearing the Holter machine for a week for 24 hours.

Instructions to the patient provided at Cardium : this test is non-invasive thus not painful and the patient can lead a normal life wearing the same and not feel uncomfortable. He/She can even remove the machine once a day for showering or during bath. The patient need not worry as it only measures and records electrical signals. They neither give electric shocks nor damage the heart.

Procedure for the test : below mentioned is the process of the test :

  • The electrodes are applied, which are small sticky patches on their chest and arm and legs which are in turn connected to wires,
  • The electrodes are connected to an ECG recording machine,
  • They then collect the wavy lines from the electrical activity of the heart as and when given by the ECG machine.
  • The wavy lines are then printed onto paper as final results for the doctors to examine.

When do we recommend the Seven Day ECG Holter Test: The coronary arteries pump blood to the heart muscle. The dysfunction of which causes chest pain, fatigues, shortness of breath and even heart attack. This test thus helps to:

  • Find out about abnormal palpitations
  • Frequent abnormal fainting which is not diagnosed by a spot ECG.

Calculations of the result : to come to a conclusion about the conducted test on a patient, and the Cardiologist evaluates the test results in detail.


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